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If you are seeing "No Availability", either the location has exceeded capacity for the day or is closed.

Yakima HealthyNow Clinic

Call: (509)225-4669 (HNOW)

3909 Creekside Loop
Suite 115
Yakima, WA, 98902

Fax: 509 574-6098

Healthy Now offers convenient, same-day care when you need it. Even if you need medical care in the evenings or weekends, we can see you... now!

Your family physician is the best one to go to for your care. However, there are times when your doctor is not available, you need care fast, but the emergency room is not the best option. For those minor illnesses, such as coughs, colds, sprains and strains, HealthyNow has you covered.

What is a convenient care clinic?

A convenient care clinic offers healthcare and medical services at times that are convenient for you. When you need to see a healthcare professional without the wait or hassle of scheduling an appointment with your primary care provider or an expensive trip to the ER, a convenient care clinic is a great option. Healthy Now offers flexible hours to fit your busy schedule.

How to be seen?

Our convenient online booking system makes it simple for you to choose your desired location and join a line to be seen. With three locations to choose from, you can view how many people are in line ahead of you and how long your potential wait will be. Once you choose your location, you'll fill in your basic information and click, "Confirm me!". A text message will be sent to you 30 minutes before your visit time.

What Will Your Visit Cost?

Below are the estimated price ranges for each procedure, diagnostic test and vaccine for cash paying patients. Your visit will be billed directly to your insurance provider(s). Prices for vaccines/other may not include cost of office visit if seen by provider.

Office Visits:

Sports Physical $40.00
New Patient Office Visit: $50.00-$165.00
Office Visit, Established Patient: $25.00-$129.00


Laceration Repair: $170.00+
Ear Wax Removal: $60+
Nebulizer Treatment: $20.00
Pregnancy Test: $15.00
Strep Test: $15.00